Tampa FL Photography – Best Locations for Pictures in Tampa FL and surrounding areas (Hillsborough county)

In this era where everyone is so busy in their lives, who wouldn’t like to store and cherish some memories forever and take a look at them whenever they can? That’s where photography comes in. A few years back, photography was only restricted to professional headshots in a studio or a wedding photographer. However, today photography has become much more advanced and is not only limited or family photography or commercial photography.

If you’re looking for locations for taking pictures in Tampa FL, then below listed are some of the best places you can choose from. For clicking the photos, you can either take along a friend or else hire a photographer.

1.    Eureka Springs Park

Are you one of those people who love nature and have a keen eye for views that are just breathtakingly beautiful? If yes, then you will surely love Eureka Springs Park. If you’re up for engagement or maternity photography, you’ll find plenty of places where you can take photos from different angles. Since there aren’t many people in the park, you’ll even get to enjoy your privacy and not feel awkward while posing for the photos. It also includes a small pond that will be an ideal and romantic place for a few pictures.

2.    Fancy Free Nursery

If you’re into florals, bright spaces, and beautiful aesthetics, then you need to keep Fancy Free Nursery at the top of your list when searching for the best location for pictures in Tampa FL. If you own a business that’s targeted towards the younger generation or you’re simply looking for some instagrammable backgrounds and places for model photography, then it will provide you plenty of options. The Fancy Free Nursery has plenty of backdrops, including a painted flowered wall, leaves and pots placed everywhere, and beautiful neutral-colored doors that will spice up your pictures.

3.    North Shore Park

The North Shore Park is one of the most beautiful places, in St.Pete FL, with a beautiful sandy beach, tall green palm trees, and a peaceful, bright blue sky. The park itself screams out the word “relaxation” and is a perfect spot for newborn photography or product photography. For taking pictures with your newborn, you can take along a picnic basket and spread a sheet over the sand so that the pictures out to be natural in a comfortable environment. Similarly, if you’re taking photos for a product, then you could opt for different flat lays in contrast with the sand or the variety of flowers available in the park.

4.    All for Love Mural

If you’re showing a friend around Tampa FL, you must take them to this famous and artistic “All for Love” Mural. With its lively and aesthetic backdrop, it will surely serve as a beautiful place for capturing photos and also showing off the beauty and love that Tampa FL has to the rest of the world.


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